The Monthly Newsletter of the Chinle Cactus & Succulent Society

2016 Succulent Morsels

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  • December 2016 “Watch out for the Jumping Cactus” (reprinted from the “Yavapai Gardens Master Gardener Newsletter”), Lowest Temperature for a Cactus, Removing cactus spines, What’s Blooming?: Titanopsis calcarea, Delosperma coopeeri, Bergeranthus jamesii
  • November 2016 Winners of the Photographic Scavenger Hunt
  • October 2016 Scenes from the 2016 Chinle Garden Tour, Winter care for your cacti
  • September 2016 Plants of the Month: Phemeranthus calycinus & confertifloris, Agaves in Powell Gardens, Harvesting seeds from Sclerocactus seed pods, Dobsonflies
  • August 2016 A Czech cactophile visits western slope and Grand Junction (reprinted from “The Cactus Explorer”), A spring hike on Wedding Canyon trail, Plants of the Month: the Cylindropuntia
  • July 2016 What’s blooming?, Plant of the month: Sempervivum (aka hen & chicks), Our plant conservation policy
  • June 2016 Recap of Capitol Reef Utah field trip (Wow!), Plant of the month: Pachypodium brevicaule
  • May 2016 Highlights of the Escalante field trip, the odd genetic blueprint of the saguaro (excerpts from Tom Beal’s Arizona Daily Star article)
  • April 2016 Plant of the Month: Euphorbia milii, (crown of thorns)
  • March 2016 Recap of February program: Kenton Seth on “Building cactus gardens: Making it pretty, making it practical”, Plant of the month: Sclerocactus glaucus
  • February 2016 Recap of January program: Nikki Grant-Hoffman on “Effects of climate change on the eco-region identified as the Colorado Plateau”, Plant of the month: Yucca baccata (datil yucca, banana yucca, Spanish bayonet), CC&SS plant conservation policy
  • January 2016 Recap of 2015 activities, The annual dinner Meeting, Photo contest winners