The Monthly Newsletter of the Chinle Cactus & Succulent Society

2017 Succulent Morsels

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  • December 2017   Final plans and reminders for this month’s Annual Dinner Meeting · And the Winners Are  ……  First place winners of the photo contest · November in the gardens · Start planning for the May field trip! · Calendar of events · Minutes of the November general meeting
  • November 2017  The upcoming November program: At long last! The 2017 Photo Scavenger Hunt viewing and judging · Proposed changes to membership dues · October’s meeting: cactus grafting · Chinle C&SS at the plant & tree sale · Welcome new club members · Katydid eggs ·   Another Ferocactus wislieni rescue · October in the gardens · Grafting S. mesae-verdae · Calendar of events · Minutes of the October general meeting
  • October 2017   Plans for our 2018 field trip · New web access protocol for archived newsletters · Sculpture at the Musée des Beaux Arts · What’s happening in our demonstration gardens · Highlights of Dr. Stephen Stern’s talk: “Xeric Plants: Adaptions to Drought, Temperature and Common Species in Grand Junction” · Mexican guard snake · Ferocactus wislieni rescue 
  • September 2017 Highlights of the 2017 Chinle C&SS Crump greenhouse visit · What’s happening in our demonstration gardens · Cochineal control 105 years ago · On the border: travels with Don & Kathy · “Saguaro Cactus”, reprinted from U of Arizona Backyard Gardener · Rescue cactus
  • August 2017  Plans for the upcoming field trip to the Crump Greenhouse in Buena Vista · What’s happening in our demonstration gardens · Highlights of the July member meeting: hands-on making hypertufa pots · “What’s Blooming” · Queen Victoria agave · News from Jeff Brimley: Hesperaloe campanulata  · Needed: pests & diseases!
  • July 2017  A bit about hypertufa pots • Field trip to Vernal area Part 2 • CC&SS at the CSU Open House
  • June 2017  Community alliance for education and hunger relief • Blooms along the Old Gordon Trail • Echinocereus engelmannii, Engelmann Hedgehog •  Control of aphids • Field trip to Vernal area Part 1
  • May 2017 Spring flowers in bloom: Aloinanthus x ‘opera’, Chasmatophyllum, Sclerocactus glaucus, S. mesae-verdae, Aloiniopsis spathulata • Summary tips from Don Campbell’s talk on outdoor cactus and succulent horticulture • Growing Agaves: reprinted from the March 22 issue of “The Backyard Gardener”
  • April 2017 Mammillaria bocasana, aka “Fred” • High level summary of Dr. Curt Swift’s talk • Reprint: “It’s OK to Kill Plants” • Titanopsis calcarea, “concrete leaf living stone” in bloom
  • March 2017 Preview of the upcoming Vernal and Fantasy Canyon field trip
  • February 2017 Tips on how to prepare plants for showing • Plant of the Month: Bowiea volubilis • Growing plants from seeds
  • January 2017 Scenes from the Annual Dinner Meeting • New meeting place • Cochineal