The Monthly Newsletter of the Chinle Cactus & Succulent Society

2019 Succulent Morsels

Note: We have changed the frequency that we publish our club newsletter. They will be issued quarterly instead of monthly: in January, April, July and October. In the intervening months members will receive emails that contain a calendar of upcoming events along with reminders and any time-sensitive information.

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  • November 2019 The November Program: Photo Contest • Plans for the 2020 Annual Dinner Meeting • The last of the Colorado Garden Foundation grant work • Thank you Chris Christlieb • Club Coozies • Plans for the 2020 club field trip • Thank you 2019 gardener volunteers
  • July 2019 The July Program: Plant Swap and Ice Cream Social • CSU Garden Refurbishment Update • Some notes on Reed Irwin’s talk: “Starting Cacti from Seed” with a link to Leo Martin’s article • June Garden Parties • “Tour of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens” by Jerry Vaninetti
  • June 2019 The June Program: Reed Irwin on “Starting Cacti from Seed” • CSU Garden Update • The 2019 Field Trip • May Garden Parties
  • May 2019 CSU Garden Update • Notes from the Front Range • CSSA Journal Synopsis • More from the “Prehistoric Shopping Mall”
  • April 2019 April Program: Bobbie Irwin on “Yucca and Agave: The Prehistoric Shopping Mall”
  • March 2019 March Program: Kathy Kimbrough on: “Why Choose Natives – the Differences and Benefits of Hybrids and Wild Natives” • Micro-chipping to Combat Cactus Theft • Plant Watering with Ammonium Sulfate and Acidified Water • New Forever Stamps • On “Garden Parties” • Extra-Floral Nectar
  • February 2019 February Program: Lois Davidson on: “Cactus Garden Makeover: Planned Changes to the Xeric Garden at the CSU Extension Office” • 2019 Photo Contest • Cactus Up-potting Methods Part 2, by Katherine McCoy • Repotting Tools & Tricks, by Don Campbell
  • January 2019 January Program:Janet Hassell on: “The Ancients of Chaco Canyon: Their Achievements, Their Collapse” • Scenes from the Annual Dinner Meeting • Cactus Up-potting Methods Survey, by Katherine McCoy