The Monthly Newsletter of the Chinle Cactus & Succulent Society

2020 Succulent Morsels

Note: We have changed the frequency that we publish our club newsletter. They will be issued quarterly instead of monthly: in January, April, July and October. In the intervening months members will receive emails that contain a calendar of upcoming events along with reminders and any time-sensitive information.

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  • January 2020 Upcoming events • Scenes from the December 20th anniversary celebration • Planning the 2020 club field trip • 2020 board members • Winners & runner Ups of the 2019 photo contest • Plans for the 2020 club field trip • A few highlights from Don’s November presentation
  • April 2020 Club events • Forbes Davidson • News from Arizona • The 2020 club photo contest • Cochineal treatment • 1st quarter club activities
  • July 2020 July club webinar • Facebook • Pest news: sap beetles • Late spring garden parties • The 2020 club photo contest reminder
  • August 2020 August club events • Goodby to Lilly McAnally • Facebook • Pest news: house finch