Short Articles on General Cactus & Succulent Horticulture by our Members


It’s OK to Kill Plants by Kenton Seth

The best growers of cacti and succulents have killed the most numbers of plants. A nice read about a healthy approach to death and carnage.

Cactus and Succulent Plant Culture by Don I. Campbell

A great summary article about cactus and succulent horticulture, including information about soils, light and water.

Cacti, Succulents and Other Plants that may be seen along the Old Gordon Trail (Colorado National Monument) by Don I. Campbell.

On your local walks look at the dizzying variety of native plants that thrive in our area, including, of course cacti and non-cacti succulents. Here is a list of species that you may find.

Growing Winter-Hardy Cacti and Other Succulents Outdoors in Western Colorado by Don I. Campbell

Tips on growing winter-hardy cacti and succulents: their culture, propagation and pests as well as landscaping suggestions, resources and seasonal observations and suggestions. A great primer!

Plant Watering with Ammonium Sulfate and Acidified Water by Don I. Campbell

Our local “secret sauce” for plant watering.