Public Outreach

We connect with the community and share our passion and knowledge about cacti, succulents and gardening at various local and regional events throughout the year. In addition to the demonstration gardens that we installed and maintain at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens and the CSU Extension Office, we have a stunning display at the John McConnell Math & Science Center in Grand Junction. Recent events have included a New Dimensions GJ event presented by Don Campbell: “Cacti etcetera: Along the Old Gordon Trail” and walking tour of the CSU demonstration garden for the River City Singles Club. Feel free to Contact us if you would like to inquire about our participation in your Organization’s events. The club can also be contacted to help in plant re-homing — indoor cacti or succulents sometimes get too big for their space or too big a chore to maintain. We may also be able to assist with garden rescues if outdoor cacti or succulents no longer fit your landscaping needs.