Index to 2009 – 2018 Issues

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii or Zygocactus)2009November5
Dudleya farinosa 'O Dudley, Dudley, Wherefore Art Thou Dudley?? Part 12009October6
Dudleys (seen on Don's trip to Oregon) Part 22009November7
gardening tools - pruners, tweezers, saws2009September/October4
Glockid, Ode to2009July/August10
glockids/spines, removing2009August5
legend of the Nevada shoe tree2009August7
mealy bugs2009September/October5
Sclerocactus wetlandicus2009July/August2
soil mixtures2009December
spider mites2009December4
Chinle 10th anniversary history2010January10
container gardens2010March1
garden gnomes2010June9
gardening tools - gloves2010February6
Kailua cake recipe by Tom Burrows2010March9
Opuntia biofuel project - Fruita Research Station2010November7
Opuntia identification2010August4
plant culture - part i (D. Campbell)2010August7
plant culture - part ii (D.Campbell)2010September5
plant labels2010November8
winterizing plants - yuccas2010October8
Aloe 'Doran Black'2011December2
Begonia dregei2011December2
cochineal treatment2011October7
Discocactus horstii2011May10
Easter lily cactus (Echinopsis sp)2011August6
Euphorbia suzannae subsp. monstrose2011December3
Fockea crispa & Fockea eduli2011December3
Haworthia attenuata2011December2
Huernia zebrina2011April5
miniature stapeliad blooms2011April5
Opuntia biofuel project - cuttings event2011August9
Orocereus trollii2011November4
Orostachys spinosa - P. Kelaidis2011February4
Turbinicarpus jauernigii2011March10
Yucca faxoniana - J. Brimley2011July9
acidified water with ammonium sulfate2012August7
Ariocarpus trigonus2012November5
cacti & succulents - L. Martin2012October2
Ceropegia armandii - D. Campbell2012January5
Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii or Zygocactus)2012January12
container drainage myths2012January7
Euphorbia obesa subsp. symmetrica2012March7
Fockea crispa & Fockea eduli2012October8
haworthia, soft leafed2012July3
Huernia zebrina2012September7
insects & diseases of cacti - B. Hammon2012February3
mealy bugs2012May3
Opuntia biofuel project - update2012December7
porous pots & cacti2012March6
rock gardens2012May10
styling tips for cacti collectors2012March5
surface soil condition2012February8
acidified water with ammonium sulfate2013February9
Agave victoriae-regeniae2013April8
Albuca spiralis (corkscrew albuca)- D. Campbell2013October6
Astrophytum asteria2013May4
Avonia quinaria ssp alstonii2013July8
Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii or Zygocactus)2013November6
conservation mission & efforts2013April2
container gardens2013January11
controlled release fertilizers - L. Martin2013December3
Cotyledon eliseae2013June11
Discocactus horstii2013May2
Echinocereus viridiflorus (green pitaya)2013September5
Euphorbia neohumbertii2013December5
euphorbias - handle with care2013August1
hardy succulents - P. Kelaidis2013June1
Mammalaria lenta - D. Campbell2013May5
melocacti (Turk's cap cacti, D. Campbell)2013May3
Mesembryanthemaceae (stone plants, P. Kelaidis)2013February2
planting cactus in the fall - general2013September3
saguaro fruits and their uses2013March5
Sempervivum arachnoideum2013August9
spider mites2013May8
tamarisk beetle2013August6
transitioning indoor plants to outdoors2013June11
Turbinicarpus bonatzii2013March6
Turbinicarpus jauernigii2013March6
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele2013May5
Uebelmannia pectinifera var multicostata2013February6
Victoriae-Regeniae Agave2013April8
conservation mission & efforts2014July1
dish gardens with succulents2014August5
gardening tools - where to buy locally2014May7
Hueria schneideriana (red dragon flower)2014September3
Parodia laui2014September5
Pediocactus despainii2014February3
Sclerocactus mesa verde2014February8
succulents suited to the Grand Valley2014May5
transitioning indoor plants to outdoors2014June7
winter care for cacti2014January1
claret cup - Colorado state cactus2015March4
Crump tour2015September6
Echinocereus reichenbachii subsp. baileyi2015July2
Echinopsis subenudata2015July7
Echinopsis subenudata2015June4
Euphorbia francosii2015March7
Euphorbia milii var. alba2015February4
Huernia somalica hybrid2015June1
KAFM cactus & succulent garden2015August4
Math & Science Display (John McConnell Math & Science Center)2015September4
Math & Science Display (John McConnell Math & Science Center)2015May7
Math & Science Display (John McConnell Math & Science Center)2015March3
Math & Science Display (John McConnell Math & Science Center)2015May5
milkweed (Asclepias asperula) flower2015July4
myrtle spurge2015June11
mythical cactus cat2015December5
narrow leaf yucca - Judy Kennedy2015August7
Pachypodium namaquanum2015January5
Pediocactus simpsonii (Mountain Ball Cactus)2015May6
Plant Show West 20152015April2
Santa Fe cactus gardens2015January6
Sclerocactus mesa verde2015May3
Turbinicarpus schmidickeanus2015April7
Wild West Landscaping Info2015December7
xeric landscaping with Opuntia2015August5
agaves in Powell Gardens2016September7
Bergeranthus jamesii2016December3
Capitol Reef National Park field trip review2016June3
cholla (multiple species)2016December3
cholla (multiple species)2016August6
claret cup - Colorado state cactus2016June8
collard lizard2016July15
conservation and long-nosed bat2016April5
conservation policy reviewed2016July6
Coryphantha vivipara2016June8
crown of thorns (Euphorbia gigantus)2016August9
crown of thorns (Euphorbia gigantus)2016April6
Delosperma coopeeri2016December2
desert primrose2016June9
designing gardens & landscapes (K. Seth)2016March11
dryer sheets as bug repellants2016March9
Echinocereus fendleri2016July3
Echinocereus pectinatus rubispinus (Arizona rainbow cactus)2016June11
Echinocereus reichenbachii subsp. baileyi2016July3, 14
Echinocereus triglochiatus (claret cup cactus)2016July16
effects of climate change - n. hoffman2016February2
Escalante Canyon field trip2016May8
Escobaria leei2016July3
extra-floral nectar2016June7
Four Corners trip (Don Campbell's)2016July8
garden gnomes2016January5
glockids/spines, removing2016December7
Henry Mountains spring bloom2016June12
how to harvest sclerocacti seeds2016September8
indian paintbrush2016June9
Math & Science Display (John McConnell Math & Science Center)2016February6
Meetup information2016December6
Opuntia blooms2016July7
Opuntia polyacantha2016June9
Opuntiae as food source2016July9
Pachypodium brevicaule2016June6
Phemeranthus calycinus & P. confertifloris (Flame Flower/Rock Pink)2016September6
photographic scavenger hunt winners2016November6
Plant Show West 20162016April3
planting cactus in the fall-lowest temperatures for planting2016December5
saguaro?s odd genetic blueprint2016May7
Sclerocactus glaucus2016March3
Sclerocactus glaucus2016June6
Sclerocactus mesa verde2016July3
sego lily2016June9
Sempervivum collection (J. Brimley)2016July4
Stapelia gigantea2016January5
texas dobsonfly (Corydalus texanus)2016September9
Titanopsis calcarea2016December3
travelogue with Czech cactophile2016August1
volcanic dike, Capitol Reef National Park2016June8
Wedding Canyon hike photos2016August4
winter care for cacti2016October9
Yucca baccata (datil baccata)2016February4
agaves "Growing Agaves" - J. Schalau2017May8
Bowiea volubilis2017February4
Hesperaleo campanulata - J. Brimley2017August9
horticulture "It's OK to Kill Plants" - K. Seth2017April11
Mammillaria bocasana, aka 'Fred'2017April6
preparing plants for showing2017February2
Saguaro Cactus - J. Schalau2017September6
soil and watering tips2017April7
katydid eggs2017November4
xeric plants: adaptations to drought & temperature
microclimates and your cactus & succulent garden - K. Seth