Field Trips

Chinle C&S Society members organize and participate in a variety of field trips, both local and regional. These field trips are one of the great benefits of club membership. In the past, members have enjoyed local “Cactus Walks” on the Colorado National Monument, Escalante Canyon, Kannah Creek, the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Range and other nearby sites where we can view plants in habitat. Overnight field trips also showcase natural history and archeology in addition to cacti, succulents and other flora. These have recently included trips to Capitol Reef in Utah, Fantasy Canyon in Utah and the Crump Greenhouse in Buena Vista Colorado.  Please see the Calendar and recent Newsletters for information about upcoming trips. Space on these trips is usually limited but we can sometimes accommodate non-members. Our 2017 field trip was based out of Vernal Utah and featured cacti, Fremont Culture and Ute rock art, Fantasy Canyon, and the oil, gas and gilsonite resources of the region. Find a few highlights in the June 2017 and July 2017 Newsletters. Note that these are password protected. Please contact us for details.