The purpose of this policy statement is to recognize and endorse the Cactus & Succulent Society of America Conservation Code and encourage members of the Chinle Cactus & Succulent Society to observe the following principles for conserving native succulent plants.


  1. Actively discourage illegal field collecting of entire native plants by all members. Field collecting native plants, seeds or cuttings must be consistent with all pertinent laws and regulations.
  2. Prohibit field collecting of entire native plants during any Chinle C&SS sponsored field trip or activity unless such activities are
    1. to salvage plants imminently threatened with destruction from land development or other habitat disturbance,
    2. to acquire plants for a Chinle C&SS supported public display garden
  3. provided that written authorization by the appropriate jurisdiction or landowner has been obtained.
  4. Prohibit the exhibition or selling of entire field collected plants at any event or activity sponsored by Chinle C&SS shall be prohibited.
  5. Encourage acquisition of native plants through the purchase of seeds, cuttings, or entire plants from reputable growers and nurseries.
  6. Encourage native plant conservation through the propagation and sharing of seeds, cuttings and offsets.
  7. Seek opportunities to promote conservation of native plants by
    1. providing periodic reminders of the Chinle C&SS conservation principles in newsletters, at meetings and during field trips or other activities, and
    2. disseminating information about legal and appropriate sources for obtaining seeds, cuttings and entire plants.

Adopted January 28, 2003

Updated June 3, 2013

Updated January 16, 2017