Monthly Programs

Each month the Chinle C&S Society provides a program to members and guests. The topics covered are diverse but generally feature the natural world around us often, but not always, with a focus on succulent plants, including cacti. Program types include meetings that feature presentations by special speakers, workshops and travelogues as well as hikes and tours when weather permits. At the meetings we often have plant drawings and informal plant Show & Tells. These events are also a great opportunity to find experts who can answer your cacti and succulent questions like: “What is this bug?”.In December, we hold our Annual Dinner Meeting in lieu of the Regular Meeting that includes door prizes, a silent auction, a review of the year’s highlights and abundant good cheer. Reservations are required for this special event.The 2017 program included:– January speaker: Lois Davidson on “Spring Flower Bloom in Death Valley”– February speaker: Don Campbell on “Capitol Reef Revisited”– March speaker: Dr. Curtis Swift on “Soil, Light & Water”– April speaker: Don Campbell on “Gardening with Cold-Hardy Cacti & Succulents”– May activity: field trip to Vernal & Fantasy Canyon– June speaker: Don Campbell on “How-to for Indoor Plants”– July activity: Making hypertufa pots with Susan Honae– August activity: Tour to Crump’s Nursery– September speaker: Dr. Stephen Sterns: “Xeric Plants: Adaptations to Drought, Temperature and Common Species in Grand Junction” – November activity: judging of the Photo Scavenger Hunt– October speaker: Don Campbell: “Grafting Techniques”– December activity: the Annual Dinner MeetingWe have a great program planned for 2018. Most meetings are held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation facility on Ouray Ave. Please check the Calendar for the schedule and location of upcoming events. Guests are welcome!