Welcome to the Chinle Cactus & Succulent Society

Pelecyphora aselliformis, by Don Campbell
Pelecyphora aselliformis, by Don Campbell

We are a Western Colorado club whose mission is to promote knowledge, enjoyment, cultivation, and conservation of cacti and other succulent plants among its members and other individuals and organizations throughout West-Central Colorado. We created and maintain two beautiful cactus and succulent Demonstration Gardens in Grand Junction: one at the Colorado State University Extension office and the other at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. These gardens also present xeric and native plants and showcase various garden design strategies that work in our challenging local climate.
In addition to our Monthly Programs, we usually organize a few Field Trips every year, some local and others further afield, to view plants in habitat. We also participate in various Education Outreach activities where we connect with the community to share our passion and knowledge about cacti and succulents. The club can also be contacted to help in plant re-homing — indoor cacti or succulents sometimes get too big for their space or too big a chore to maintain. We may also be able to assist with garden rescues if outdoor cacti or succulents no longer fit your landscaping needs.
Take a look around the site to see what we are up to and check out the Calendar for upcoming events. Contact Us and, if you are inclined, Join the club.

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We will have a booth at Southwest Arbor Fest

Plant raffle, cuttings and starts give aways. Meet us and learn about the club. We will have lots of information to share.  Find event details here at the Parks and Rec website.

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“Succulent Morsels”

The April Newsletter is out: Highlights of Don Campbell’s “A Summer Sampler of the Sonoran Desert” presentation • Transitioning indoor plants to the outdoors  • Calendar of Events •  More
Note: Archived “Succulent Morsels” newsletters are password protected. Please Contact Us for additional information.

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